If you want to mount your TV on the wall or ceiling but find you’re limited to corners or working in an awkwardly designed room, the Cantilever TV bracket is the option for you.

These brackets are sometimes called full-motion or articulating wall mounts. This is because they feature an arm that allows you to have full motion movement and full extension for your TV. Today, Suremount will take you through some of the benefits of the Cantilever TV bracket and some scenarios this mount is ideal for.

Strange Sized Rooms

Modern architecture has resulted in many homes and offices ending up with bizarre angles and corners. Mounting a TV in a strangely shaped room can be difficult. The cantilever TV bracket offers the maximum flexibility possible, allowing you to place the TV almost anywhere in the room. This makes it an ideal solution for such a dilemma.

The cantilever TV bracket allows you to pull your TV out from the wall and swivel it in any direction. They can move up to 180 degrees left or right as well as tilting up to 15 degrees up or down. As long as your TV is appropriately sized for the situation, this mount should enable you to navigate any kind of room.

Flexible Solution for Your Business or Home

Cantilever TV brackets are useful if you put your TV in a room that may have more than one primary viewing position. Similar, they are useful when you have to mount your TV in a place that’s not ideal for viewing.

Kitchens and bedrooms are common places in the home where using this kind of mount is helpful. A kitchen viewer may be seated at the table or working at the counter, so the ability to position the TV toward the viewer is great. It’s also handy to be able to tuck the TV away against the wall when it’s not being used.

The cantilever TV bracket is great for offices and workplaces for a similar reason. You can mount a screen or projector in a meeting room, allowing it to become a flexible method of presenting work. It can also be handy for public waiting areas like at a doctor’s office. Having the TV mounted in such a room allows you to entertain patients, clients or customers with the flexibility of changing the viewing angle; all while keeping it out of public reach.

Given the popularity of this style of mount, it is also a fantastic option for motel and hotel rooms. Customers will appreciate the flexibility and sleek design while you benefit from increased security and safety.

Creative Design

A cantilever mount opens up more creative TV installation possibilities, like hiding your TV in a cabinet. Just remember to make sure all of your audio and video cables are long enough to reach your TV at maximum extension. Also, take into consideration that it adds several inches to your TV’s profile, even when it is fully collapsed.

Cantilever mount brackets are the hardest to install correctly on your own so you may want to look into getting professional installation.


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