Selecting a TV mount can be a difficult decision because there are so many different sizes and types of mounts. Choosing the one that’s right for you depends on the kind of TV you have, how you want to mount it, and where you’re going to position it.

This guide breaks down the different types of mounts available and what the best application is for them.

Fixed TV Bracket

Fixed TV brackets allow you to mount your TV onto a wall in a fixed position. A fixed mount is aesthetically pleasing, making the TV appear as if it is naturally sitting flat against the wall. They are usually the easiest to install and the most affordable option.

This type of mount is best suited for a room where you have full control of the lighting, as it is difficult to adjust the TV if there is any glare. Use a fixed bracket for a room where everyone watches TV from one viewing position.

Cantilever TV Bracket

Cantilever TV brackets give you the ability to pull your TV out from the wall and swivel it in any direction. They can also tilt up or down and push back flat against the wall when you want. Cantilever mounts are great for corner installations. They are also good for mounting a TV in a cabinet or recession in the wall.

This type of mount gives you the ability to watch TV from different locations in the room as well as adjust the screen for glare.

Tilt TV Bracket

Tilt TV brackets allow you to tilt the screen once it is mounted. This type of mount is appropriate when the TV is sitting in a position that is higher than eye-level, such as above a fireplace or higher up on a bedroom wall.

This mount also gives you the ability to reposition the screen to get rid of any glare that is caused by light in the room. It also gives you the flexibility to watch television from multiple heights. The tilting function also makes it easier to access cable connections in the back of the TV

Super Slim TV Bracket

With televisions getting slimmer, a super slim TV bracket is a real statement in looks and quality. It makes your TV look as though it’s almost part of the wall.

This type of mount is the ultimate winner when you want to achieve a sleek and smooth aesthetic in your entertainment area. You can get super slim mounts with an open design, allowing you to access cables easily.

Desk Mount

Mounting your TV on a desk allows you to have all the benefits of a traditional furniture-style entertainment set up while maximising the space on the surface of the desk. This gives you plenty of room for other devices and consoles without taking up too much space or requiring additional shelves. 

Ceiling Mount

Ceiling mounts save floor and wall space. This makes it especially handy in smaller rooms and is ideal for a corner section of the room. Another advantage of a ceiling mount is that it allows more flexibility for the TV with the ability to rotate and tilt to suit your needs.

The ability to mount a TV on the ceiling depends on the weight of the TV being mounted as well as the material and stability of the ceiling itself.

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