TV brackets are increasingly offered as part of a package deal when buying a new TV. While it seems convenient, the TV bracket offered to you may not be the right option for your New Zealand home and they can be very expensive.

Choosing the right mounting bracket is about what works best with the room you want your TV in and what kind of home viewing experience you want to create. Crucial things to consider include price, weight support and screen size support.

Another big question is do you want to view the TV from two different locations? Suremount has brackets that could make it possible to watch rugby from the outside deck as well as enhancing a beautiful lounge setting.

To help you get a better understanding of which option is best for you, Suremount will take you through the four different types of TV brackets available and what application the brackets can be used in.

Fixed TV Brackets

The first question to ask is how flexible you want your TV mounting hardware to be. As a general rule, the greater the flexibility, the less weight the mount can hold. A fixed TV bracket places the TV close to the wall and can support more weight than any other form of mounting. It is also the most affordable option.

Fixed TV brackets are ideal for bigger TVs and create the illusion that the TV is naturally protruding from the wall. The main disadvantage of this form of mounting is that the TV has to be carefully levelled while it is being mounted, as it is very hard to adjust it afterwards. This problem can be resolved by having an AV professional install your TV bracket for you.

Super Slim TV Brackets

These TV brackets are also fixed and are the best option when you are looking for the least intrusive mount possible. A super slim TV bracket makes it look as though your TV is part of the wall itself, with an ultra-low profile design that can sit as little as 10mm from the wall. It creates a satisfying design element in the room, making it a favourite for interior designers.]

Tilt TV Brackets

A tilting TV bracket provides far greater flexibility than fixed mounts and is an ideal choice when you need to mount a TV higher up on the wall. This is one of the most popular mounting options today, with a lot of people opting to place their TVs above eye level to save space, reduce glare or to work around other elements in the home, such as a fireplace.

Maybe you want a TV in your bedroom but there is nowhere to put it without interfering with other pieces of furniture. A tilting TV bracket means you can watch TV from bed with the perfect angle, giving you the option to adjust it when you need to. The ability to tilt the mount upwards also makes for easy cable access.

Cantilever TV Brackets

The cantilever TV bracket is the ultimate option when it comes to flexible view. While a tilting mounting bracket can tilt the TV up and down, a cantilever mount allows you to tilt, extend, rotate and swing the TV around, in order to maximise viewing capability.

This TV bracket gives you the ability to watch TV from multiple locations in the room, as well as moving the TV to eliminate a glare or to avoid odd viewing angles. The only downside is that this type of mount will struggle to support very large TVs (larger than 60”).

Suremount is the best in Auckland when it comes to TV mounting brackets. With a wide range, free professional advice and a friendly price, there is no reason to go anywhere else for your TV bracket needs. Look through our range today and don’t hesitate to contact our team.