You are faced with an important decision after buying a television. Will you mount your TV on the wall or will you stand it on furniture?

The decision depends on a number of factors including, space limitations, room design, and personal preference. Today, we’re going to look at the pros and cons of each option.

Traditional Furniture – An Easy Fit

Many people choose to buy TV stands or a cabinet to easily accommodate additional entertainment devices such as gaming consoles. Sometimes the stand is purchased to match the rest of the furniture in the house. The main benefit of using a TV stand is the flexibility of placement. A lot of TV stands are designed to swivel and move, allowing the TV to be repositioned with ease. Others are built like cabinets to allow the entire entertainment unit to be hidden while not in use.

Setting up an entertainment area without having to mount a TV, speakers and other devices is seen as an easier option for most. Many people might also use a TV stand because inserting screws into the wall is simply not an option because they rent or intend on moving soon.

Small Spaces are a Big Problem

The big downside of TV stands is that they take up a lot of floor space. If your home or office is small, an entertainment unit on the floor can easily make a space cluttered. You also need to ensure an even distribution of weight for the unit to be sturdy. There is also the risk that the whole setup could be accidentally toppled. The likeliness of this happening is increased if the unit is in an open space and if you have children or pets. Another downside is that the bigger the TV is, the more precarious it is and the more limited your options are in finding a suitably sized stand or cabinet.

TV Mounts – the Ultimate Space Saver

The biggest and most obvious benefit of mounting your TV on the wall is the space-saving functionality it provides. Instead of crowding the area in a room with a bulky TV stand, you can free up valuable floor space. This means the room can accommodate extra seating, a side table or a fireplace. Mounting your TV also gives the room a sleek and streamlined look.

Using a tilt or cantilever TV bracket allows you to tilt, extend, rotate and swing your TV screen, allowing for a huge amount of viewing flexibility. There is a vast range of TV brackets suited to different needs, offering a solution for every variety of room layout.

Safety is also one of the major reasons a buyer should choose a TV mount over a TV stand. TV stands are prone to dangerous bumps and nudges. Mounting the TV ensures that the television set doesn’t topple and injure anyone. A wall mount also protects your expensive, flat screen TV from being damaged.

Most people will be able to determine which option is best depending on their circumstances and the intended location of the TV. However, it is important to review the pros and cons to ensure you end up with an entertainment system that is both satisfying and safe.

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