Once a new TV is purchased and delivered, the next thing you have to decide is where to place it in the home. For years the answer was simple - put it on a stand or entertainment unit. Today, consumers have a lot more options, thanks to the various mounting brackets available.

The big question now is where to mount your wall bracket. You have to take into consideration the layout of the room, where the studs in the wall are, the height of your furniture and sunlight, among other things. Here are a few things to keep in mind when deciding where to mount your new TV.


Before mounting your TV, make sure you observe how sunlight enters your home. Be sure to place your TV somewhere that avoids direct exposure to, or reflection from light. Avoid placing your TV in front of a window or opposite a west-facing window.

This helps you avoid unpleasant glares that can strain your eyes as well as avoiding damage to your TV. It is generally pretty hard to completely avoid placing a TV near a window, so consider using dark, thick or layered curtains in your TV room.

Optimal Height

TV height is a very important issue and it can determine how comfortable your viewing experience is. Ideally, you want the TV to sit at eye level, so you need to think about where people will be watching from. You want to remove or minimise the neck strain involved in looking upwards at a TV.

The general rule for optimal viewing is to keep a distance that is 2.5 times the diagonal length of the screen (Around 8.5 feet away for a 40” screen). But when you have a TV that is more than 60 inches above the ground, such as above a fireplace, you need to increase that distance if you’re planning on sitting down. The higher the TV, the further back you have to be to view it comfortably.

Using a Tilt or Cantilever TV Bracket

A tilt or cantilever mounting bracket gives you a bit more flexibility in terms of how high you can place your TV. They can allow you to adjust the angle of the screen to reduce glare from sunlight as well as reduce the strain of looking upwards.

A cantilever TV bracket can also remove the need to place your TV high on the wall. For example, rather than mounting a TV above a fireplace you could place it beside it with a cantilever mounting bracket. This will allow you to extend and rotate the angle of the TV so that it’s placed for optimal viewing.

Comfort or Style?

In the end, it’s your home and the optimum viewing height doesn’t need to be an overriding factor as you design your viewing space. For some people, determining the height is a question of style over function. For many others, it’s about striking a balance that takes into consideration the primary purpose of the space, comfort, style, and traffic circulation.

Get creative with your mounts because there are a lot of possibilities. From corner mounting in a bedroom to under-cabinet mounting in the kitchen, there is always a way to get a TV somewhere you want it to be. You just need to find the right mounting bracket for the job.

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