Mounting a TV in the corner is a great way to maximise the space available in a room. It is also a handy way of navigating strangely angled walls or an awkward room layout. Keep in mind that there are a few more things to consider when mounting a TV in the corner as opposed to a regular wall mount. 

Suremount’s handy guide lets you know what you need and gives you step-by-step instructions for getting that TV up in the corner.

To mount your TV you will need:

-          A Drill

-          Tape measure

-          Stud finder (gib)

-          Pencil

-          Screwdriver set

-          A level

Step 1: Get a Cantilever TV Bracket

A cantilever mounting bracket is the type of mount you will need to place your TV in a corner space. This type of mount has an arm that extends, tilts, and swivels so that you can watch TV from a variety of angles and locations. Suremount has a range of quality cantilever TV brackets available.

It is also important to determine the size and weight of your TV. Mounting brackets have a maximum weight capacity. Furthermore, the size of your TV will determine how far you need the arm on your mount to extend so it can be moved around.

Step 2: Set Up Your TV

Find the four mounting holes at the back of the TV. Make sure your cantilever mounting bracket is the right size and that it fits the hole spacing.

Attach the brackets to the back of the TV with the screws from your bracket kit. Never use a drill or powered screwdriver when you’re dealing with brittle material like plastic. Thread the screw with your fingers and tighten it with a screwdriver.

Step 3: Determine Bracket Placement

TV's are usually installed at a perfect 45-degree angle in the corner of a room. But how you want your TV to sit on the wall depends on where you intend on watching it from.

Do you want the ability to store your TV flat against the wall when you're not watching? If so, make sure your TV is far enough away from the other wall to allow full 90-degree movement. You'll have to measure the distance from one side of your TV to the mounting holes on the back to figure this out.

If you’ve got a gib wall, keep in mind that you need to determine where the studs are. This will affect where you can place your TV. If your walls are made of brick or concrete, this isn't a problem. Custom brackets can also be made allowing you to place your TV in the optimum location.

Step 4: Mounting the Wall Bracket

Once you’ve figured out the perfect position for your TV, you’re ready to secure the wall bracket. If you’ve got a gib wall, use your stud finder to locate the studs. Centre the mount in position and make sure it’s level.

Once in position, mark your drill holes with a pencil then drill the hole with the correct size for your bolts. Put your mount back up and thread in the bolts one at a time.

Step 5: Mounting Your TV

Flat screen TVs may be light and slim, but they can still be quite heavy for one person. It can be especially awkward and unsafe working in corner areas. Get a friend or two to help you lift your TV and place it securely into position.

Step 6: Enjoy!

Your TV should be successfully mounted. Make sure you can move your TV around in all the directions it should move. After that, all you need to do is enjoy your sleek and flexible new entertainment system.