For a very long time, the only option we had when placing a TV was to put it on top of the furniture. With the invention of wall mounts, though, we have been liberated from this unsafe, cluttered look.  

Here’s why you should ditch the stand and cabinet and get your TV up on the wall.

TV Furniture Takes Up Too Much Room

Let’s face it, TV stands and furniture take up a lot of floor space. An entertainment system on the floor can be the difference between a space that is absolutely cluttered and one that is manageable. A cluttered room is inconvenient, invasive and bad for your wellbeing. An entertainment area is all about leisure and relaxation. It’s hard to achieve that atmosphere if you can’t take a step without bashing a shin or knocking something over.


Having your TV on top of furniture is quite frankly unsafe. The risk of the TV or the entire system toppling over is constantly looming. This is especially the case if you have children or pets in the vicinity of the entertainment system. You don’t want deal with the cost of your entertainment system breaking, let alone any serious injuries.


TV wall mounts help to ensure that everyone in the room has a great view of the screen. These space-saving brackets allow you to hang your flat-screen television onto the wall to open up floor space. TV brackets can be installed high on the wall of a home gym, above a fireplace, in the bedroom or at eye-level in the living room.

Choose a fixed TV bracket to hold a TV firmly in one position or try a tilt or cantilever mounting bracket for a moveable and versatile option. Either way, you are increasing the safety of your home or office, reducing the risk of damage to your TV and freeing up room on the floor. You can mount your TV very high on the wall to free up space below as well. There are great options for every room and every scenario.

Buying and installing a wall mount is easier than a lot of people think. There are many trusted professionals who can assist you in creating your ideal entertainment area.


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