One thing people always forget to consider when organising an entertainment area is cable management. You’ve found the perfect place on the wall to mount your TV but the cables look like an absolute mess!

Here are a few tips from the Suremount team about how to win the wire wars and keep your entertainment system looking sharp.

Get the Right Cables

If you look under a car hood you’ll see that all of the wires are cut to the exact length, making for a much neater and more manageable arrangement. You should approach the cables in your entertainment area with a similar philosophy. Don’t just get the cheapest cables you can find or you’ll be left with a mess of different sizes, materials and lengths.

Figure out just how long you need your cables to be and buy the right-sized ones. Remember that not every device connected to your TV is the same distance away, so make sure you plan your arrangement.

If this is too big a task, shorten your cables with cable ties and keep the bundles hidden. If your cables are going to be visible, try to get colours that blend in with the wall behind them.

Keep Your Cables Organised

Label or colour code your cables so that you know exactly what you’re dealing with rather than randomly unplugging and plugging things in until you get what you need. Cable tie your wires together so that they can neatly run down one side of the wall. Another great option is using a recessed entertainment box, which is an outlet AV that provides multiple outlets from a single location. It can also be used to store excess wiring, keeping your entertainment area looking neat and easy to manage.

Keeping your wires organised is not only about keeping the area looking neat. A messy, bundle of cables on the floor collects dust pretty quickly and can damage the coils. Once you’ve got your cables under control, make sure you have a decent AV receiver so you never have to mess around with the cables at the back again.

Hole in the Wall

If your walls are made from timber or gib, a hole in the wall is the best place to conceal all your cables. You can avoid the sight of cords and cables dangling from below the TV altogether, making for the sleekest entertainment area there is.

Safety comes first, so make sure you turn off the electricity to the area you’re working in. You can use a voltage tester to check the power is off. Locate the studs and plumbing in the wall using a stud finder and mark the area with a pencil. Measure and draw the lines you want to cut out in the wall and save the cut piece so you can place it back afterwards. You may need a second hole at the bottom of the wall or in another location  for cables to come out to ancillary devices such as decoders, chrome cast or apple TV.

If you don’t have the right tools or confidence to do this, consider getting a licenced electrician or an AV installer to do the work for you. Suremount also has a range of products dedicated to cable management. We offer the best advice and widest range of TV mounting brackets and equipment in Auckland. Contact us today for all your TV mounting needs.