Flat screen televisions have revolutionised TV placement possibilities in homes, schools, offices and many other locations. Slimmer and lighter than ever before, TVs can now be mounted on the wall for easy viewing.

Wall mounting can save space and streamline interior layouts. It is a great approach that removes the need for bulky entertainment centres.

The Problem with Furniture

Many people still have second thoughts about mounting their television, believing that it is difficult to do or that it is expensive. Instead, they insist on using furniture. The problem with using traditional furniture as a TV stand is that it can take up a lot of room and has the potential to topple over if it is accidently knocked.

Making sure your entertainment area is safe means you have to spend time looking for a piece of furniture that is capable of supporting the weight and size of your TV whilst looking good with the rest of the room.

If you have a large TV, and most people do these days, you will need a larger piece of furniture to properly support it. Before you know it, the entertainment centre is taking up a significant amount of floor space.

In a limited space like a bedroom, a large TV on furniture is enough to make it cluttered. Having a cluttered entertainment area goes against the very purpose of the place as a relaxed and leisurely environment.

Saving Space with a Wall Mount

By mounting your TV, you free up the space that would have been used for displaying your TV on furniture. The extra space gives you room to perform other activities as well as making the room cleaner and less congested. The difference it can make is amazing and it is why so many people are opting to mount their TVs these days.

Wall mounts provided the big solution for homes where there was a contest between the fireplace and the television as the focal point of the living room. Now you can mount your TV above the fireplace, with tilting brackets that prevent you from straining your neck. Wall mounts have allowed bedrooms and offices to house TVs where before there was no room for them.

Mounting your TV has become such a popular modern solution that you can basically find a TV bracket suitable for every situation and room layout. Fixed mounts that sit flat against the wall are an uncomplicated way to get a flat-screen off the furniture. Tilt and cantilever mounts open up a whole range of different viewing options. These brackets are ideal for tricky mounting situations in small spaces.

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