Wall mounts are convenient TV accessories that have lowered demand for wall units and television stands. 

Their space efficient wall mounting designs do not clutter living rooms as traditional furniture do. Furthermore, they are functional, secure and made of durable materials that offer value for years.

Here are the best reasons why you should mount your TV.

Save Space and Money

Placing your TV on a piece of furniture is not very practical. You will need to find yourself a suitable table, cabinet, home entertainment stand or another object to place under the screen. While mounting your TV frees up floor and wall space, furniture for your TV to sit on will take up a significant amount of space in the room.

You will also have to invest a lot of money into a quality piece of furniture that you can trust to support the weight and size of the TV. If you’re big on aesthetics, you'll have to find something that looks nice with the rest of the furniture while still being supportive. The costs start getting pretty significant after a while. Mounting your TV saves you the time, the money and the hassle of relying on furniture.

Achieve a Sleek Look

Mounting your TV on the wall or ceiling adds to the decor of the room. You can hide the wires of the TV in the wall to achieve an ultra-clean and stylishly modern look.

Most TV brackets leave your TV between one to three inches away from the wall, making it look as though your TV is sitting on the wall itself. Some people create photo slideshows displaying family photos or nice images to add a great visual element to a room while the TV isn’t being used.

Optimal Viewing Angle

Mounting your TV is not done arbitrarily. Using a wall mount serves as a practical function that enables you to create the optimal viewing angle to maximise your viewing experience. If you want your TV mounted higher on the wall, you can get TV brackets that tilt your screen to avoid straining your neck and eyes.

The type of mount you need will depend on the placement of your TV. Fixed mounts, for example, are great for TVs that sit on the wall at eye-level. Cantilever mounts feature arms that allow you to extend, tilt and swivel your screen to watch television from a number of locations in the room or to avoid glare.


Flat screen TVs are designed with mounting in mind. They have holes at the back that fit brackets according to VESA standards. This is because a mounted TV is not just good for aesthetics and optimal viewing, but for safety as well.

A TV that is mounted on the wall removes the risk of the TV falling and injuring someone. This is important to consider if you have pets or children, and when you have a TV for your business in a public area. You want to keep it out of reach to avoid damage to the equipment as well as accidental injury.

Mounting your TV is easier than you think, with one or two people capable of doing the whole job in an hour or two. Most TV brackets come with a mounting kit and you can ask your supplier for instructions on how to mount your TV.

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