42″-65″ Floor To Ceiling Wire TV Mount (SWS1U-3M)

$499.00 (Incl GST)

The SureMount Floor To Ceiling Wire TV Mount system is a sleek solution that maximises aesthetics while minimizing footprint. Designed to make a sleek and well-designed almost invisible impression, this mount allows companies to create a platform for eye catching content delivery. Still this wire based system is both discreet but powerful. This mount is suspended on high tensile steel wire, which is a highly secure and stable foundation for displays up to 65” (max weight 25kg). There is the ability to position the screen at any point along the cable length, plus the choice of having the display in either landscape or portrait position. Installer friendly, these mounts are perfect for retail installations where space is at a premium. Simply cut the steel wire to the length you require and attach the specialised TV mount to it.

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